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{Prizes sent}{Winners announced}{Prizes Worth Rs.10000}Tricksnloot Biggest Giveaway – Win Coolpad Mega 2.5D 4G Mobile,10400 MAH Power bank, and Upto Rs1000 Paytm cash

Hello Guys Tricksnloot Again Back With It’s Giveaway,This giveaway is the biggest giveaway ever.Prizes more than Rs.10000 will be given out in this giveaway.You can win Coolpad Mega 2.5D 4G mobile,10400 MAH Power bank, and Upto Rs1000 Paytm cash. 

We Have Already Tried To Provide Best Deals Faster To You. Now It’s Time For A Giveaway.We request everyone to participate in this giveaway.



Winners:- congratulations to all the winners 

Note:- We have sent mail to Yashu goyal and Pihu sharma for your address.we request both to reply us on that mail with your current address so that we can place order of smartphone and power bank for you.

we are sending paytm cash to the winners.you will get your paytm money prize within 1 hour.

First winner of Coolpad Mega 2.5D 4G Mobile Worth Rs.6999

  1. Yashu goyal 982623****

Second winner of MI 10400 MAH Power bank Worth Rs.1000

  1. Pihu sharma 826924****

Third winner of RS.500 Paytm cash 

  1. Kartik jindal 997751****

Forth and Fifth winner of Rs.250 paytm cash each

  1. Ritik agrawal 971323****
  2. Ravi shukla 772305****

5 winners of Rs.20 Paytm cash each

  1. manish gour 843552****
  2. atul sharma 835701****
  3. robin 982754****
  4. ashu gupta 887765****
  5. mohan goyal 893245****

5 winners of Rs.10 Paytm cash each

  1. Rahul Rawat 995847****
  2. Anil solanki 875498****
  3. Nirman jadon 748988****
  4. tilak sharma 721596****
  5. Prince garg 951248****

 Rs.5 paytm cash each (we are selecting 30 winners instead of  10 winners )

  1. Niwrutti sawant 879620****
  2. Kartik dangi 895208****
  3. gulshan kumar 946087****
  4. amber 978142****
  5. subham bareliya  769700****
  6. Rajnish gupta 961642****
  7. Vishal 965377****
  8. manish agrawal 844585****
  9. Aman kumar 828509****
  10. Ritansh nanda 836819****
  11. Navneet singh sisodiya 826958****
  12. Ashish 881392****
  13. Prakash behera 754092****
  14. Rajat chaturvedi 808511****
  15. Rajesh reddy 903055****
  16. Shubham sharma 904130****
  17. Chandrakant 972695****
  18. Tawseef ahmad 705157****
  19. Aditya raj 985274****
  20. Gangadhar 903573****
  21. Anshuman 888069****
  22. Tanishk chopra 942595****
  23. Harshul 823311****
  24. Rishabh gupta 842352****
  25. Naman 704819****
  26. Yash jain 991197****
  27. sanjiv kumar 895055****
  28. Mohit sharma 877047****
  29. Anupam ghosh 967916****
  30. Bipul kumar 909721****

{we request all winners to comment that they have received their prize so that other users will keep their trust on Tricksnloot. keep visiting tricksnloot for latest offers and tricks.we will arrange our next giveaway soon may be on republic day.subscribe to our notification services so that you will get notify when next giveaway live}



First winner =  Coolpad Mega 2.5D 4G Mobile Worth Rs.6999

More details here 

Second winner = MI 10400 MAH Power bank Worth Rs.1000

Third winner =RS.500 Paytm cash 

Forth and Fifth winner  = Rs.250 paytm cash each

Next 5 winners will get Rs.20 Paytm cash each

Next 5 winner will get Rs.10 Paytm cash each

Next 10 winner will get Rs.5 paytm cash each


How To Participate In Giveaway:- 


Task 1:- join our whatsapp alert

A) Firstly Save our whatsapp broadcast number “7748026268” to your Contact list as “Tricksnloot”.

B) Now go to WhatsApp and refresh your contact and search our Name and Send us Message “TK Your Name”.

Task 2:-  complete any two small task out of three as  given below

1) subscribe to our email notification service as shown in image ( verify your email to confirmation)

2) subscribe to our push notification service as shown in image (open site only on google chrome to get this option)

3. join our facebook group by click here


After Completing above tasks Fill This Form – Go Here


Congratulations you have successfully participated in our giveaway. Now wait for the announcement of the winners 



1. Valid 1 Per User.

2. If Any User Not Fulfill Any Of Above Condition He Will Be Not Participated.

3. Valid Till 22 Jan 2017.

4. Result will Declare On 23 Jan 5 Pm.

5. In Case Of Any Cheat We Will Removed You In Upcoming Giveaway

6. Winners will be choose randomly and final decision will be of tricksnloot.

Just Visit our site daily to get all latest tricks and offers.we will provide all latest offers here first on net without any delay its our promise





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41 thoughts on “{Prizes sent}{Winners announced}{Prizes Worth Rs.10000}Tricksnloot Biggest Giveaway – Win Coolpad Mega 2.5D 4G Mobile,10400 MAH Power bank, and Upto Rs1000 Paytm cash

  1. manish agrawal says:

    I received 05 rupees..

  2. Dude says:

    Awesome dude you gave approx Rs. 9050 in this give away. HATS OFF TO YOU????

  3. Ashish says:

    Won Rs. 5 , thanks bro .
    Not too much but its my first giveaway reward so thank you very much ?? and keep it up bro may be I’ll get a better luck next time???

  4. Manish gour says:

    Bro thanks I got rs20??

  5. Robin says:

    Admin you are great I won 20rs paytm cash thankyou so much

  6. ashu gupta says:

    Thanx bro I just got my 20rs paytm cash ??

  7. Ravi shukla says:

    Yah i won 250 paytm i cant believe it.i won first time in this giveaway thnx Tricksnloot for this amazing giveaway i received my prize thanks again

  8. Mohan goyal says:

    Thanks I received 20rs paytm cash☺☺

  9. Ritik agrawal says:

    Thanks bro I got Rs 250 paytm cash.

  10. Kartik jindal says:

    Thanks admin I got 500rs paytm cash .so I feeling so lucky.

  11. Harshul says:

    At first I thought that this giveway will be only for publicity and no prizes will be given.
    But i won 5 paytm
    although its only rs.5 but good to see that the giveaway was true.
    thnx to tricksnloot team for the prize?
    hope to win something big next time☺
    keep ur good work and all d vry bst?

  12. Rishabh Gupta says:

    Love tricknloot….thanks for 5 rs…prize is prize ..5rs or a smartphone…thanks from bottom of my heart

  13. Amber says:

    Thnx alot tricksnloot admin i got my prize of this giveway… hope in next giveway i won big prize by the way thnx alot…?

  14. Rajat Chaturvedi says:

    Zindigi mai pehli baar giveaway mai kuch mila hai… bhale hi 5RS. Mile.. par it doesn’t matter prize is prize???
    Rs.5 paytm cash each (we are selecting 30 winners instead of 10 winners )
    14.Rajat chaturvedi 808511****

  15. Aman Kumar says:

    Best site I’ve visited ever. Thanx guys.

  16. Rajesh reddy says:

    Thank you got 5rs…

  17. kapil says:

    I always love ur site nd admin you are lovable hat’s off to u

  18. Kausal says:

    Great Innovative Idea Again

  19. Gyan says:

    best editing of a documentry

  20. Ankit singh says:

    I love your site

  21. Nikhil says:

    Thanks for alwys giving giveaways & best prizes .. ?

  22. Shivansh says:

    You are just awesome really feel marvellous to be part of ur site with so many excited giveawy’s

  23. Shikha says:


  24. Vikas says:

    how to get notification about your page any whatsapp no. ?

    1. Admin says:

      To join our whatsapp broadcast just msg us TK your name to 7748026268 .you will get instant notifications for all new posts.

  25. Vikram says:

    Great concept bhai ?

  26. Punit says:

    Happy to see this post sir. you are superb☺

  27. Jay says:

    I have followed all the steps,nice giveaway

  28. Ajit says:

    This is the best giveaway I liked it most.i hope i can win ???

  29. Did the above mentioned steps
    My email shubham991458@gmail.com
    First time participating in a giveaway 🙂

    1. Liked your facebook page too 🙂

  30. Rahul Rawat says:

    hope I win this phone
    I also need this to make my videos for youtube.
    I never win any give a way in my entire life.
    Good Luck To Me ; p

  31. Rajesh reddy says:

    Before I’m not tried for any giveaway first time I’m doing…Let’s see how I about my luck thank-you for this..

  32. anupam says:

    hope thish time i winn mega prize

  33. Arpit says:

    Grt to see this amazing giveaway .. i never won giveaway before .. hope full this time ….thanks for giveaway..

  34. SHUBHAM Bareliya says:

    Wow! SuperB giveaway first time on net sir 🙂 too excited.hope I will win

  35. abi says:

    First Go And Buy A .in Domain For 99Rs , Then Do Giveaway , LOL

    1. Admin says:

      .tk is unique so we dont want any other domain if u have some doubt about giveaway payment then plz check our previous giveaways proof

  36. Govind says:

    Wow i have never seen such a big giveaway on any site. You are just amazing.keep it up admin bro.

  37. Govind says:


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